Chey & Chawnee

I had so much fun shooting some photos with the world's prettiest twins Chey & Chawnee! They are the sweetest humans and very easy to work with! Turns out we frequently attended the same birthday parties when we were younger. It's always amazing to me how small the world is! They are both wearing some super cute Urban Outfitters clothes (links to items at the end of the gallery). Be sure to check out Chey & Chawnee's Website & Instagam! Hope you enjoy these photos!


Work Your Closet: Summer in Florida

Took some fun photos of Jamie at my one of my favorite places on the Earth, New Symrna Beach! I really love this outfit Jamie put together, particularly obsessed with her bag she thrifted! Hope you like these photos! To find out where she got any of the items in these photos, click the link below! 

Click here to check out Jamie's blog: Work Your Closet

West Of Felicity: Daytona Beach Shoot Part 2

Once again, here is beautiful Allison from West Of Felicity! This was the last look we shot with only about 10 minutes left of sunlight. After editing so many of Allison's photos, I decided that she is Blake Lively's Doppelgänger...I feel like that's the best compliment you could ever give someone and its TRUE!

If you know me, you know that I am all about a simple black bathing suit. I have about 10 of them sitting in my closet because you can NEVER have too many! A couple of things that I loved about this look was how she dressed up her simple black suit with some gold accessories.

If you would like to see more photos or find out where Allison got her items, click here: West Of Felicity 

All shot on my Canon 5D Mark iii & Sigma Art Series 50mm Lens. I hope you like these photos :)