Work Your Closet: Summer in Florida

Took some fun photos of Jamie at my one of my favorite places on the Earth, New Symrna Beach! I really love this outfit Jamie put together, particularly obsessed with her bag she thrifted! Hope you like these photos! To find out where she got any of the items in these photos, click the link below! 

Click here to check out Jamie's blog: Work Your Closet

West Of Felicity: Daytona Beach Shoot Part 2

Once again, here is beautiful Allison from West Of Felicity! This was the last look we shot with only about 10 minutes left of sunlight. After editing so many of Allison's photos, I decided that she is Blake Lively's Doppelgänger...I feel like that's the best compliment you could ever give someone and its TRUE!

If you know me, you know that I am all about a simple black bathing suit. I have about 10 of them sitting in my closet because you can NEVER have too many! A couple of things that I loved about this look was how she dressed up her simple black suit with some gold accessories.

If you would like to see more photos or find out where Allison got her items, click here: West Of Felicity 

All shot on my Canon 5D Mark iii & Sigma Art Series 50mm Lens. I hope you like these photos :) 



West of Felicity: Daytona Beach Shoot

I am so happy to have had met blogger Allison! She is lifestyle blogger from Chicago and I highly recommend you checking out her blog! She has so many good tips on fashion, recipes, beauty and more! We kicked off her summer styling this past week with beachy shoot in Daytona Beach, Florida. I hope you enjoy this look! You can click here to check out Allison's blog :) 

Work Your Closet: Spring is here!

It's crazy to think I met Jamie almost a year ago. She still to this day is my FAVE blogger! No bias! I am absolutely in love with this outfit, the location and SPRINGTIME! Hope you like these photos! Click here to check out Jamie's blog :)

Sydney & Brady Engagement

Sydney & Brady were perhaps the cutest couple I have ever photographed! They seem like a couple who just love to be together. I found myself smiling when editing photos of them because their love is like one out of a clip of a movie, adventurous & passionate. I hope you can see just a glimpse of that in these photos. Congrats Sydney & Brady! 

Work Your Closet

Here's one of my favorite shoots I've ever done with Jamie! You can check out her AMAZING blog here: Work Your Closet

Pool Club

Hey Friends! 

A couple of weekends ago, my brother and I traveled Northeast to our hometown of Daytona Beach, Florida. I was beyond excited when Pool Club messaged to me to post a few photos of some of their collection! Pool Club is one of my favorite brands that I fell in love with while living in Sydney, Australia. Check them out here: Pool Club

The shirt pictured on my brother Josh you can buy here: Pool Club White Zero Tee

They also sent me a sick sweater that you can buy here: Pool Club Sweater

Hope you enjoy these photos! 

My Beautiful Family

Here's the thing. I am not bias at all. My twin nephews & nieces are the CUTEST of all babies in the world! I was happy this past week that I got to head down to Sanibel Island (my favorite place in the world) to shoot another family's portraits at the same time my sister was vacationing their with her kids! ! Unfortunately, my brother-in-law Ben had to work up in NYC at the time and missed out on a free photoshoot (sorry Ben!) Hope you enjoy ALL this cuteness :) 

Lois & Jimmy Mini Engagement Shoot

I have the privilege of being apart of my beautiful friend Lois' engagement & wedding. Lois is one of the most lovely people I have met in life! She is humble, loving, quirky and kind! This shoot was the first time I got to meet her fiance Jimmy. I have heard lots about him and upon meeting him I could tell they are the perfect match! Before going over all the details of their wedding we stepped outside to do a mini engagement shoot for their website. Hope you enjoy. 

Lo & Behold

I really enjoyed getting to know Lo. She has such great style! I also think she is Gigi Hadid's long lost twin! Check out her site here:  Lo&Behold